Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two

Chapter 388: The Troublesome Two


“He’s finally forced to use his domain!”

“What’s Morgan’s domain?”

Most of the audience on the stand were filled with shock and excitement.

In the national tournament last year, Morgan did not use any proper domain power.

His hidden domain skill was finally forced out by Ayrin!

For a powerful existence like Morgan who also had strong affinity for fire, his domain should be the fire type.

Many students from the Dragon Breath Academy were full of expectation.

The surging domain power immediately contracted after that instant expansion.

A crimson fat frog about the height of Morgan appeared next to him.


Everyone looked surprised.

Morgan’s domain actually became a frog?

That frog also looked dumb and very lazy. Apart from the unique domain energy fluctuation, it did not seem to have any fire arcane energy.

“It’s actually a Gluttony Frog Domain!”

“It’s the real super gluttony monster!”

“The Gluttony Frog Domain is one that can directly...

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