Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain

Chapter 387: Morgan’s Domain



Ayrin clasped his hands together. His ten fingers formed a strange shape as arcane particles shot out between his fingers.

Countless ice shards floated down in the air immediately!

His figure vanished into thin air.

“What’s this arcane skill?”

Most of the audience immediately tensed up. They had never seen Ayrin using that arcane skill before.

“That Morgan, he won’t end up getting defeated by Ayrin’s chain skill set despite being so strong, right?”

Seeing Ayrin’s first arcane skill, Rinloran and the others thought as such.

They knew that Ayrin was about to use that violent ice chain skill.

“A blitzkrieg, it won’t be so easy......”

“Fire fang!”

Morgan did not move from his spot and just chanted an ancient draconic incantation. His body emitted a shocking amount of flame.

Bursts of flame quickly condensed into palm-sized fangs and surged out in all directions.

“Draconic arcane skill!”

Rinloran’s gaze turned serious.

Morgan lived up to his name. His arcane skill was cast...

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