Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!

Chapter 386: The Duel Between The Strongest Begins!



Audrey grinned. For some reason, she thought that competing against that weird team for the top was something exciting and interesting.


Chris was waving back to her father on the stand with tears in her eyes. When she heard Audrey’s sudden call, she reflexively turned her head.

“You would only show such a gaze when looking at your father. This is the real reason behind your declaration of winning the tournament and desperately trying to become a god-like girl.”

Audrey watched Chris and spoke in a serious tone, “Since Ayrin and Morgan are going to fight a proper match, then let us, the girls, fight a match. Since we are both ladies, fighting each other is better than fighting the boys.”

“A lady? You?”

The bunch from Dragon Breath Academy immediately lamented, “Even if you two are the second to go, it may not be a fair match. Someone from the first match will...

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