Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan

Chapter 385: Promised Duel With Morgan


“Morgan! Morgan!......”

“Ayrin! Ayrin!......”

“Glory to Holy Dawn Academy!”


On the day of the finals in the Hegemonic Cup of Starry Sky Braves national tournament, the entire Eichemalar and the Arena of Fire and Blood were already boiling with fervor half an hour before the fight.

Countless supporters for both Holy Dawn Academy and Dragon Breath Academy were waving flags on the stand. Many hot air balloons with colorful ribbons floated in the sky above the venue.

The excited audience constantly threw colorful confetti. Many were blowing trumpets and simple instruments, creating a jumbled orchestra.

It was an annual congregation of the entire Kingdom of Eiche. Many who could not spectate the entire tournament would come for the finals.

However, it was bizarrely silent in the Holy Dawn Academy team’s preparation room; where it should have been the most energetic.


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