Chapter 383: Ancient Ruin Covered In Snow

Chapter 383: Ancient Ruin Covered In Snow



Rinloran glared at the sword-wielding light silhouette before him. His hands held onto his knees for support. He was panting heavily, sweat mixed with blood dripped down from the corner of his clothes onto the black stone floor.

The words carved on the stone floor were ‘Peerless Sword: Third Style’.

Rinloran only took about two days to see through and grasp the first two styles. However, after seeing the two holes left by the Thousand Storms Sword, he was stuck at the third style in the cultivation hall without being able to see through it for the past few days.

The speed of the sword was similar to the second style. However, the third style clearly had stronger slashing power. It was definitely not a simple throw, many other techniques were involved.

After examining the holes made by Thousand Storms Sword, two professors from River Bend Academy also told him more about Peerless Sword. Peerless Sword not only pursued absolute speed and sharpness, it also pursed absolute...

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