Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away

Chapter 382: Fourth Gate Is Not Far Away


“So the advancement to the finals of this time’s national tournament was decided like that. Though, those bunches from Holy Dawn are really impressive, hats off to them. Even the Dragon Breath Academy only had Morgan and Audrey passed. Our River Bend Academy only had Alaina alone. Originally, it would only count when at least three members passed. To think that the competition between us and Dragon Breath Academy turned out like that......”

“More importantly, those guys from Holy Dawn struggled through the playoffs before emerging as St Lauren’s representatives. They were a small-fry level team at first, but had become so powerful now. Even Abel Academy were convinced.”

On a patch of grass plain, Redwin and his Brotherhood members laid there with legs crossed. They held a strand of grass in their mouths, watched the white clouds in the sky, and chatted carefreely.

“Boss, were Liszt and others unable to find any useful clue from those sword scars as well?” An underling next to Redwin...

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