Chapter 381: Ferguillo’s Silent Decision

Chapter 381: Ferguillo’s Silent Decision


“What happened?”

Ferguillo asked Berryn.

He knew that arcane masters at the level of Berryn would not especially look for him if not for special circumstances.

“This is for you.”

Berryn threw an item towards Ferguillo while still showing a cold and displeased expression.

“What’s this?”

Ferguillo and Wilde were confused.

It was a small strange white jade statue of a person, with one eye blue and one eye red.

“This is something those guys from Holy Dawn stole from the Maelstrom Team.”

Berryn snorted, “Take a look and see if you can understand the writings on the back. Those Holy Dawn guys are so unreasonable, treating me as a delivery man. But I’m also curious about what’s written on it.”

“The Maelstrom team?”

Wilde was astonished, “Is it the strongest and most mysterious arcane team in House Baratheon?”

“Maelstrom......” Ferguillo’s hand tensed for a moment and did not flip over the statue.


Berryn sensed Ferguillo’s abnormality and frowned.

“How did Holy Dawn...

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