Chapter 380: Uninvited Guest

Chapter 380: Uninvited Guest


The blood tattoos on the man’s face quickly disappeared, but a new blood tattoo appeared on his nape, becoming the same mark as the one on Hiruka’s nape.

“Remember your mission, and hopefully we will be able to bask in glory rather than live in shame during our limited lifespans.”

Belo completed the ancient ritual with the same lines.

“Since you are the second retainer, she is your captain.” Then he pointed at Hiruka who was at the edge of the metal cage and commanded, “Pack up your armor, this is the wealth of your arcane team.”

“Just kill me, I will absolutely not become anyone’s retainer.” The man whose accent was obviously from the Kingdom of Doa spoke with lifeless eyes.

“Even more feeble than during battle. You’re far worse than I imagined, I’m already suspecting my decision.” Belo snorted, “But just like the retainer’s mission to protect the lord, the lord also has a mission to protect...

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