Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitment

Chapter 379: Forceful Recruitment


“How was it produced?”

“If the materialized sword was thrusted with arcane skill, then he would not be able to hold the sword. The sword should also shoot forward. In that case, the hole in front should be dug by the sword and not the sword qi.”

Countless possibilities flashed across Rinloran’s mind, but he overthrew each immediately.

The only thing that could be certain was that it was definitely a super powerful close range assassination sword skill or technique. And it possessed astonishing destructiveness and penetration property.

Normally speaking, domains and some powerful forbidden arcane skills could only be used for long range attacks. Otherwise the power of the arcane skill could hurt the caster himself. However, the distance due to it being long range allowed the opponent time for reaction.

The advantage of close range combat was to restrict the reaction time of the opponent and its power would not hurt oneself.

This sword skill or technique was obviously a supreme existence amongst the close...

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