Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery

Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery

Rinloran, Redwin, and Clarissa, along with all the members of the Brotherhood who had been gathered by Redwin, sat outside of training room number seven and began to converse.

“Very few people know of the Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes because he rarely participates in fights. Of those I’ve read about in the records, he’s the type of person who only cares about training and increasing his strength. He has absolutely no interest in gaining fame and becoming a figure of power like a territorial lord.”

Redwin looked at Rinloran and Clarissa as he said excitedly, “As a result, outside of arcane masters from the Golden Roses Plains, no one knows that such a powerful arcane master existed. It is said that his exchange of blows with Peerless Swordsmaster Gideon only happened because he wished to test the fruits of his years of bitter training to determine the gap between him and the best swordsmasters,...

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