Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths

Chapter 377: Rapidly Growing Youths

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Ayrin continuously punched and kicked as if he had pent up too much energy. This continued until the piles of trash were beaten until nothing was recognizable and they were strewn all over the warehouse. Only then did Ayrin’s slightly sweaty body finally stop.

“What is going on?”

Ayrin himself was completely befuddled.

For some reason, a feeling of ecstasy had welled up within him as he demolished everything around him. It was strangely addictive. And now that everything was destroyed, his body felt unusually satisfied.

But why had randomly destroying things caused him to feel such satisfaction? It was something he could not understand.

At this moment, Ayrin felt a throbbing pain shoot from his hands and feet. They were all rather swollen.

“Did I really do this?” Ayrin wondered to himself as he looked around and saw numerous deep, fist-like imprints atop a few large metal cylinders.


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