Chapter 376: A Destroyer's Strength

Chapter 376: A Destroyer's Strength

Hiruka’s heart filled with feelings hatred and resentment. If the opportunity came, she would not hesitate to kill the monstrous person before her.

She watched as the blood red marks covering her body slowly receded like flowing water. However, she failed to notice that they were not disappearing, but gathering at the back of her neck. The image of a strange beast which looked like a cross between a snake and a wolf slowly took shape.

The moment this mark finished forming, a sudden change swept through Hiruka’s body. The decaying energies within her blood and flesh completely disappeared as waves of strength radiated from the back of her neck throughout her whole body.

It was at this moment that Hiruka finally perceived the presence of this mark on the back of her neck. It was a new source of strength beyond her arcane gates.

She trembled violently as she slowly brought her hand to the back of her neck, her eyes full of poison as she glared at the monstrous Belo and asked, “Just...

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