Chapter 375: The First Retainer

Chapter 375: The First Retainer

“Hiruka! Hiruka! …”

Screams rang out within the black market’s underground arena as Hiruka stepped onto the stage once more. Likely due to her recent killing of Blood Mask, they were even louder and crazier than before.

Hiruka smiled charmingly back towards the crowd.

Only by drawing their attention and gaining their support could she continue to gain astonishing wealth with every match. Wealth which grew like a rolling snowball and continuously increased her strength. Wealth which was required for her continued triumph.

Furthermore, unlike the many thugs who participated purely out of greed, Hiruka had set clear rules for herself. She would stop once her strength and/or wealth grew to a point where she became capable of escaping from one of the Office of Special Affair’s arcane teams.

The longer she remained within the underground black market, the clearer she understood that the best method to wash oneself of one’s sins was to become strong enough to prevent others from killing oneself.


But at this moment, a trace of shock emerged...

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