Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger

Chapter 373: Fight to Become Stronger

“She’s gained yet another artifact?” Roy Wayne exclaimed in some shock as he saw the dim yellow gemstone in Hiruka’s hand.

“What kind of artifact is it?” Moss asked as he watched numerous currents of wind surge forth from the stone and form a dim yellow barrier of wind around Hiruka.

“It’s the Storm Goddess’ Jewel. As you can see, it forms a barrier of wind around the user which protects and reflects projectiles. This barrier can probably withstand an attack like that at least three times before dissipating,” Roy Wayne casually explained. “At the least, Hiruka has made some time for herself.”

“Three times?” Moss’ face paled.

Blood Mask’s attack was already strong enough to blow a hole in the metal cage.

This kind of destructive power was something which not many four gate arcane masters could defend against without paying a price.

Yet the barrier of wind created by the Storm Goddess’ Jewel was able to block it completely without any sign of wavering....

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