Chapter 372: Killing Purely for the Sake of Profit

Chapter 372: Killing Purely for the Sake of Profit

A massive underground arena capable of holding tens of thousands of people appeared before Moss. In the center of the arena was a single, metal cage enclosed stage.

The cage was made from the finest steel wires, and each wire was covered with sharp metal barbs. But even then, the cage was clearly deformed in many places and covered with congealed blood. Some parts of the cage even held pieces of cloth and bits of flesh. It was evident that most fighters were incapable of avoiding it, no matter how hard they tried.

Surrounding the metal cage were several crystal platforms atop which orchestras performed with gusto and dancers shook their waists and hips like there was no tomorrow.

Beyond the platforms were the viewing stands, which were covered with seats made from supple red leather. Most of the seats were occupied. No matter where Moss looked, he saw people screaming crazily. He could also see several people who were acting extremely strangely. They had likely taken some kind of drug.

A path...

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