Chapter 371: Slaughterhouse

Chapter 371: Slaughterhouse

“We are not looking for them for trouble. Rather, trouble has come to us. In the form of the Maelstrom Team,” Rui spoke as he watched Roy Wayne stroll around the marketplace as if no one else was around.

Roy Wayne abruptly stopped in his tracks.

“You wish to deal with House Baratheon’s Maelstrom Team? It seems the Holy Dawn Evil Six has got quite the guts,” Roy Wayne cackled immediately afterwards.

Moss looked warily at Roy Wayne, who seemed to have turned somewhat mad.

“Don’t worry. It’s normal for these corps arcane masters who have been stationed at strange areas and seen strange things to act this way,” Donna said loudly to Moss, as if she didn’t mind being heard by others.

“Rest assured, we are no friends with those fellows from House Baratheon. In addition, these types of conflicts are rather necessary to achieve a certain sort of balance between powers within the world of arcane masters, if not the entirety of Doraster. As you lot are much friendlier than those fellows from House...

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