Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood

Chapter 369: The Inexplicable President of the Brotherhood


The door of a room on the third floor of the easternmost dormitory located in the seventh district of River Bend Academy was powerfully pushed open.

This room was the largest within the dormitory, but due to the dozen or so boys crowding within, it currently looked rather small and chaotic like a bar right after a fight.

Opening the door was a stocky, average sized student with a face full of freckles and short hair. From his muscles and thick neck, it was clear that he spent quite a lot of time working out.

The dozen or so boys within the room immediately calmed down as one of them said, “Pizarri, why are you yelling? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost!”

“It’s really bad!” The boy called Pizarri seemed full of despair as he ran to the side of a tall male youth with a long ponytail and a face full of acne and cried out, “Boss Redwin, all of our planning to steal the Sacred Snow Deer meat in Professor Kennedy’s Winterfrost Kitchen has been for naught!”


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