Chapter 368: Super Special Training, Hell’s Kitchen

Chapter 368: Super Special Training, Hell’s Kitchen

“Professor Kennedy, is this a library? Do you usually live here by yourself?” Ayrin couldn’t help but ask as he followed behind the old arcane master.

The building they had entered as rather quiet, as if no one else was present, and contained several extremely spacious rooms within, giving Ayrin the impression that it was some sort of big library.

“It is not a library. It is a laboratory,” Kennedy replied in a tone much milder than before. It was evident that he had a much better impression of Ayrin than Stingham.

“It’s a laboratory? How can a single person have such a large laboratory? Professor Kennedy, you must be an extremely, extremely powerful arcane master?” Ayrin cried in admiration.

“Hmph! Such flattery. But this kind of bootlicking is too obvious to work on an old man like him,” Stingham quietly muttered to himself behind them.

“Good eyes!”

Much to Stingham’s disbelief, Kennedy’s face immediately brightened as he turned around, chuckling, and replied, “Ayrin,...

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