Chapter 367: Arriving at River Bend, Acting Separately

Chapter 367: Arriving at River Bend, Acting Separately

“Teacher Rui, what are we going to be doing now?” Moss asked as he felt somewhat at a loss.

Moss and Rui were currently standing atop a street bustling with countless arcane teams and surrounded with shops displaying exquisite looking goods.

After traveling nonstop, they had finally arrived in Rapids City where River Bend Academy was located.

The moment the party of Holy Dawn Academy teachers and youths arrived in the city, they all immediately split up into different groups and went their separate ways.

Like the other cities located in the Golden Roses Plain, Rapids City was a bit more prosperous than an average city in the Kingdom of Eiche. Especially when compared with St. Laurens, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Accustomed to the calm of St. Laurens, Moss couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable after stepping into the bustling city.

Furthermore, Minlur, who had been teaching him all...

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