Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness

Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness

“Teacher Minlur, what’s going on? This reverse force feels so much stronger than before!” Moss exclaimed.

He could also sense that it was moving faster than before.

“It’s the presence of wind type arcane energy,” Liszt explained. “Compared to your version of Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun, its version has integrated wind type arcane energy, which is why the reverse force and speed have both improved.”

“Integrated wind type arcane energy?” Chris looked at Merlin in shock. “Could it be that it analysed and improved the skill?”

“That should not be the case. Even if it had the capability to make such observations and calculations, it would not have the ability to do so as there has never been an arcane master with such a deep understanding of the nature of all arcane skills. Even if you put all the Draconic Scholars and artificers from the Era of the War with Dragons in a room together, they would not be able to create such a puppet.” Liszt shook his head with absolute certainty as he continued, “What is possible, however, is that this puppet functioned...

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