Chapter 364: Metal with a Will

Chapter 364: Metal with a Will

“There are still working clockwork puppets here?”

“Where did this thing crawl out of?”

Ayrin and the others looked on in shock as the clockwork puppet staggered to its feet.

It was a female puppet similar to the ones which Ayrin and his teammates had encountered during the first trial. It had pale silver eyes and hair which were like blades, and its lower half bloomed out like a skirt.

But unlike the ones they had encountered before, this one’s hair and body were all bronze. Furthermore, this puppet seemed extremely old and worn down, regardless of it they were comparing to the ones they had previously encountered or the wreckages around them.

From its appearance, it seemed as if its body was covered with strips of bronze colored metal, upon which several chaotic patterns had been inscribed. Several of these strips of metal were missing or broken, revealing the faint luster of metal from within.

Embedded in its chest was a circular metal carving...

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