Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure

Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure

“These fellows actually look down on us,” Minlur said roughly as he rubbed his chin and watched the Maelstrom Team disappear into the horizon.

“Teacher Minlur, just how strong are they? What powerful skills do they know?” Moss asked. His body was still trembling uncontrollably.

“I do not know.”

Minlur shook his head as he turned and looked at Moss, “They are extremely secretive fellows, and that makes them extremely difficult opponents.”

Rui added, “It’s rumored that the Snakeworm Bandits were entirely annihilated by them.”

Moss blanked for a moment as he asked, “Teacher Rui, were the Snakeworm Bandits very powerful?”

“The leaders of the Snakeworm Bandits, Orchid Chen and Fishtail, were once the strongest students of Three-headed Dragon Academy. If they were still alive today, they would likely be a little stronger than me,” Rui replied.

“Arcane masters even stronger than Teacher Rui have fallen at their hands…” Moss, Chris and the others felt speechless.

Although Rui was extremely low key, they...

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