Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear

Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear

“What terrifying auras. They all must have opened at least their fifth gate,” Ayrin thought to himself as he observed the four arcane masters with magenta hair standing before him. Although he felt no fear, a strong sense of uneasiness crept into his heart.

It was a sensation naturally generated by the vast differences in their strengths.

For an arcane master of their level, even the most ordinary arcane skill would be enough to send him flying.

“The Maelstrom Team?”

Upon hearing Morgan and Eurena’s cries of astonishment behind him and seeing the looks on the faces of Rinloran and the others, Ayrin couldn’t help but ask, “Just what kind of arcane team is this?”

“They are House Baratheon’s strongest arcane team,” Chris replied. A serious look appeared on her face as she calmly continued, “Their name comes from the rumor that they...

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