Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team

Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team

“Even if you’ve merged with the soul of a powerful expert, your body is not theirs.”

“So even if you allow it to guide your actions, your body is unable to keep up!”

“And since it is like this, how can you possibly defeat me?!”

“Joyce must have felt such pain when you broke his arms and legs!”

“As a monster with a sole purpose for vengeance, you might not feel this kind of pain…”

“But your soul must be burning with pain at the thought of being defeated by me!”

“I will make you suffer! Suffer!”

Ayrin’s eyes turned crimson as his rage reached its peak. His strikes were like volcanic eruptions as he used every single ounce of his strength.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Everyone’s eyes twitched as they watched Ayrin land punch on Rinsyi’s right shoulder with his fists which were burning with anger.

“In the future, I must not anger Ayrin. What a monster,” Stingham muttered to himself...

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