Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Feet

Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Feet

Ayrin staggered to his feet within the crater which had formed around him.

A look of horror appeared on Chris’ face.

As someone who had personally witnessed Ayrin’s growth with his own eyes, she was certain that Ayrin’s strength had reached a level which could completely supress even a peak form Rinsyi from the national tournament.

After all, he had done the same to all those celebrity fighters from Abel Academy!

But it was evident from this one strike that Rinsyi’s strength had completely surpassed her imagination.

Just how did he recover himself? Just what transformations had he undergone?

“Teacher Liszt, what is with his appearance? Did he master one of House Baratheon’s secret skills?” Rinloran asked, his pupils quivering.

Ayrin’s skill combo had unmistakably struck Rinsyi perfectly as there were numerous punctures on Rinsyi’s body, yet Rinsyi seemed to not have been affected at all.

But even if Rinsyi had used some secret skill to sever his senses...

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