Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentment

Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentment

“Rinsyi?” Stingham choked in disbelief.

Fleeing at the head of the approaching figures was someone who looked exactly like Rinsyi who was carrying a person covered in blood. Chasing behind him were three referees.

But Rinsyi’s soul had been thoroughly dissipated during his battle with Ayrin. Rinsyi had turned into a vegetable, and even Songat had said he was unable to treat it.

Furthermore, back during Ayrin’s fight, Rinsyi’s hair had been magenta, yet now, it was white as snow.

But most critically, this pale ‘Rinsyi’ before them seemed completely lifeless. Their body was devoid of any traces of heat.

“What’s going on?” Clancy and Leonardo asked as they arrived at the scene.

“Rinsyi?” Clancy and Leonardo both gasped upon seeing the familiar face in the distance.

“Is it actually Rinsyi?” An ominous feeling filled Rinloran’s heart.

Although they were still far apart, they could already sense the...

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