Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly

Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly

“This is the Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun skill taught to him by Teacher Minlur?”

As Ayrin watched the massive burning figure in the crystal ball, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “To think that he would manage to master the skill at a time like this.”

“So fast!”

Chris turned her head and looked dazedly at Rinloran as she commented, “I think he’s even faster than you.”

“The speed of his sudden attack…” Rinloran nodded. “I couldn’t even see it clearly.”

Leonardo let out an awkward chuckle as he regained his wits and asked Clancy, “Were you able to see it?”

Clancy shook his head.

“So this is the path that Liszt and the others have planned for him…” Leonardo grimaced as he muttered under his breath, “Even I might not be able to react in time to a sudden attack like that.”

“Each bloodline ability has been emphasized and built upon to the extreme. Liszt and the others, do they hope for these children to be able to threaten four and five gate...

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