Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spirit

Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spirit

Belo was currently covered in blood. Furthermore, he had numerous metal shards protruding from various spots atop his body. Meanwhile, the crystal demon facing Belo seemed completely untouched.

It was evident that the fight had not been going Belo’s way so far.

But at this moment, Belo had pierced the back of his own head with the sharp nails of his right hand!

“What is he doing?!” Ayrin shouted immediately.

The crystal demon facing Belo seemed to also be perplexed by Belo’s action as some sluggishness appeared in its movements.

Belo extracted his nails from his head, bringing out several fine blood vessels with them.

This scene, which was displayed extremely clearly by the crystal ball, immediately caused Rinloran to pale.

“He actually pierced his own brain. This self harm, just what is he trying to accomplish?” Leonardo couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he too paled slightly.

“It seems like…”...

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