Chapter 354: Three and Three

Chapter 354: Three and Three

The same terrifying fluctuations of arcane energy appeared around Black Chris.

Two waves of black flames erupted and collided in midair!

The space where Chris and Black Chris stood was abruptly filled with black smoke as a powerful shockwave sent countless metal fragments flying into the curtain of light surrounding them.

“What is Chris trying to do?”

“Why did she suddenly use Dark Destruction Dragon?”

All the referees and medical masters were perplexed as they could not see anything at this current moment.

“A battle of attrition… this is where Ayrin is stronger than me. Against a stronger opponent, he forcefully endures their strike to land one of his own!”

“The ability to endure pain… I must endure!”

Amidst the smoke, Chris’ entire left arm was covered with terrifying bloody wounds. However, the look in her eyes showed that she was more determined than ever.


Her body trembled uncontrollably, but it didn’t stop her as she grit her teeth and pressed forward...

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