Chapter 350: Black Ayrin

Chapter 350: Black Ayrin

“Flaming Evil Eye!”

Ayrin’s eyes glinted as he immediately released an attack towards the black figure.

He couldn’t understand what was going on, but he was certain that this black figure was his opponent.

He probably had to defeat it before he could exit.


The Flaming Evil Eye exploded atop the black figure’s body.


But much to Ayrin’s astonishment, the black figure did not fall over. It merely staggered several steps backwards as it finished forming.

The black figure’s height, features, and even face seemed to be exactly the same as his own!

Facing him was a completely black version of himself, a black Ayrin!

“What is going on?”

“Just what kind of opponent will it be?”

The look of bewilderment within Ayrin’s eyes grew greater and greater.


As Ayrin was still stuck in his stupor, Black Ayrin made its move. As it waved its right hand, a cluster of flames appeared and shot through the air towards...

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