Chapter 349: Limit Surpassing Battlefield

Chapter 349: Limit Surpassing Battlefield

“She’s come out!”


Upon seeing Chris rush out from within the curtain of light, a look of relief emerged atop everyone’s face.

At the same time, the curtain of light which had been obstructing their vision and hearing quickly dissipated, revealing five incapacitated golden metal puppets on the bronze floor within the chamber.

Observing the scene before her, and adding in the golden metal puppet behind her which had been brought out by Moss, Chris asked, “You all were also obstructed by golden metal puppets?”

“Chris, why were you so slow? You must know you were the last to come out,” Stingham preened.

“Is there a difference between coming out fourth and coming out last?” Rinloran sneered, ridiculing Stingham.

“Did you all wait very long?” Chris asked nervously.

“Just several minutes.”

Belo swept his gaze across everyone as he said, “Is this the time for us to be chatting,...

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