Chapter 348: A Team of Monsters

Chapter 348: A Team of Monsters

Chris calmly faced the golden metal puppet before her.

Because Chris still had not emerged from the chamber, Ayrin and the others had assumed that she was embroiled in a fierce battle. But in reality, there had been no conflict between the two from the moment Chris first stepped into the chamber and encountered the golden metal puppet.

Nonetheless, Chris’ mind was in a highly vigilant state.

The golden metal puppet before her was giving her a strange feeling.

It seemed as if the puppet was suppressing a great and powerful energy within its body, enough to release a single terrifying strike like Dark Destruction Dragon.

It had been looking for an opportunity to strike since their initial encounter. A single mistake was all it needed!

“Although you have mastered Dark Destruction Dragon, you can only use it once… if you are unable to defeat your opponent...

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