Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chris

Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chris

“Someone is coming out!”

Ayrin, Rinloran and Moss tensed as they watched the curtain of light tremble once more.

“Stingham?!” the three exclaimed simultaneously and in shock.

“You three are out already?”

Upon seeing Ayrin, Rinloran and Moss, Stingham immediately said, “I encountered a golden metal puppet with abnormal defensive capabilities in there! But it was still defeated by the most handsome me! Hahahaha!”

“Idiot! Do you think you are the only person who encountered a golden metal puppet?” Rinloran sneered.

“Brave warrior Stingham, every single one of us encountered a golden metal puppet,” Ayrin added.

“What?” Stingham asked, dumbfounded.

“You are the fourth to emerge,” Ayrin said as he turned and looked at Rinloran. He continued, “Considering how Stingham encountered a golden metal puppet with an extreme defense, it seems like the strange arcane energy fluctuations in the previous chamber were indeed there to determine which puppet we would encounte...

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