Chapter 346: The Third and The Fourth

Chapter 346: The Third and The Fourth

“Moss!” Ayrin shouted.

From Moss’ uneasy expression, Ayrin immediately knew that something was not right.

In the next moment, Ayrin froze, a look of shock appearing on his face.

He watched as a dangling golden metal puppet emerged from within the curtain of light. As Moss continued to emerge, Ayrin abruptly realized that the puppet’s hands were pierced deeply into Moss’ chest!

Ayrin’s muscles reflexively twitched as he explosively shot forward and viciously grabbed the neck of the golden metal puppet with his hands.

Ayrin exerted his strength to the limit as he attempted to twist and break its neck, but all he did was cause it to tremble slightly. His strength was not great enough to destroy.

“Moss!” Ayrin roared madly as Moss coughed, causing blood to spew from his mouth.

Moss’ body returned to normal.


Another spray of blood erupted from Moss’ chest as the golden metal...

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