Chapter 345: A Giant Who Never Gives Up!

Chapter 345: A Giant Who Never Gives Up!

Three other referees arrived at this time. They seemed to be the ones in charge of roaming around for communication and inspection of results.

Upon seeing the thoroughly incapacitated golden metal puppet before Ayrin, the three of them were momentarily petrified.

One of the medical masters couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the status of the other academy teams?”

“Not a single person from the other teams has passed through this ‘Dueling Arena’ yet, this fellow is the first. What variant of golden metal puppet did he go against?”

“The Spirit Analysis Field in the previous chamber judged this fellow as the person with the most balanced abilities in this lot, so he went against the balanced puppet, the strongest of the bunch!”

“What? And he still managed to come out first?”


“Combinations are indeed effective!”

“A sharp offensive using a well-designed combination of skills can overwhelm opponents, limiting their ability to counterattack...

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