Chapter 344: The First to Emerge, Ayrin

Chapter 344: The First to Emerge, Ayrin

Due to his immense speed, Moss was unable to see anything clearly. But upon hearing the air before him whistle sharply, he immediately used Dual Transformation.


Moss’ skin cracked and turned hard and red like volcanic rock as he became the size of a small mountain and crashed heavily into the golden metal puppet.

Moss was hit with massive recoil as he stumbled several steps backwards.

He subconsciously looked down and saw ten narrow bloody slits in his chest.

What caused him to feel even more astonished was the fact that the golden metal puppet before him was still heavier than him, even after using Dual Transformation. The puppet, which had been a head shorter than him even before his transformation, had only slid back a single step after the collision, leaving a short and narrow scratch on the bronze floor.

Only now did Moss realize that the...

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