Chapter 343: An Individual Battle, Moss’ Crisis!

Chapter 343: An Individual Battle, Moss’ Crisis!

“Stingham, why don’t you enter first?” Ayrin and Chris said simultaneously as they quickly grabbed and detained the impetuous Belo.

“Why should I enter first? Look at the state I am currently in!” Stingham wailed as he continued to rub his face, which was still emitting steam.

“It’s because you have the strongest defense of all of us.”

Ayrin’s face filled with fighting intent as he looked at Stingham and said very naturally, “If there is a trap waiting for us, you are least likely to be injured.”

“What do you mean least likely to be injured?!” Stingham cried, “I’m currently very injured!”

“Stop talking to him, it’s just wasting time. Let me,” Rinloran abruptly said from aside.

Stingham curled his lip upon hearing Rinloran. It seemed like Rinloran had decided to be the first one to enter.


But before Stingham could gloat any further, he suddenly felt a force send him flying. Rinloran had viciously kicked his backside!

“I’m never talking to you again Rinloran!”...

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