Chapter 342: Breaking Through Piece by Piece

Chapter 342: Breaking Through Piece by Piece

At this time, Chris furrowed her brows and said, “How strange.”

“What is so strange?” Stingham asked, his eyes still glued on Belo’s disfigured hands. “Anyone’s hands will become like that upon contact with that burning floor.”

“I’m not talking about his hands Moss,” Chris replied as she shook her head. “I’m talking about those streams of golden flames.”

Stingham’s face turned ugly as he agitatedly exclaimed, “Chris, you are doing it again! I’m Stingham!”

“What is strange?” Ayrin interrupted.

Although it appeared as if the silver female metal puppets were only able to rotate where they stood, making them sitting targets, there were just too many of them. If Ayrin and the others attempted to force their way through without creating an effective plan, it was likely that over half of them would be knocked out here.

“As Belo moved faster, those streams of golden flames seemed to lose some power,” Chris replied as she apologetically...

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