Chapter 341: The First Challenge

Chapter 341: The First Challenge

“Moss, make sure you don’t hold back! Haha!”

“To whoever exits first, you better obediently lick this grandfather’s feet when the time comes!”

My intelligent, divinely skilled, and most handsome self originally had complete confidence but now… with the competition requiring all six of us to pass together... I do not have any confidence anymore.”

“Idiot! You are the biggest burden out of all of us!”

The six youths of the Holy Dawn Academy team were noisily bickering right before the gateway, as if they had fallen into internal strife.

The several referees couldn’t help but shake their heads.

No matter how they looked at it, these six youths didn’t seem to be part of the same team at all.

It seemed like they would have no chance at winning this competition. Especially since it depended on team efforts and not individual ones.

Yet these referees still felt a strange feeling of confidence in their hearts. Without a doubt, this team of rambunctious youths was the most frightening of the three competing. It was...

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