Chapter 340: A Grand History, A Mighty Corps

Chapter 340: A Grand History, A Mighty Corps

“You are saying that we have arrived at the ruins?”

“Are you guys joking with us?”

“Are the ruins actually buried under all that mud and silt?”

Ayrin, Stingham and the others were full of doubt as they looked at black uniform wearing referees before them.

Upon arriving at the designated area, what greeted them were not lofty and magnificent barracks, but patch after patch of marsh littered with stunted shrubs.

“This is a Distorted Light Barrier?” Liszt quietly muttered as he rubbed his chin. His expression slowly turned serious.

“Distorted Light barrier?”

A fierce fighting intent emerged in Rinloran’s eyes as he heard Liszt’s words.

He had once read about them in an ancient text.

The Distorted Light Barrier was defensive barrier during the Era of the War with Dragons. As the name implied, these barriers utilized light to conceal things within. In general, these barriers were only set up by powerful and large corps ranked at the dragon slaughtering level.

To be a dragon slaughtering level corps meant that there...

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