Chapter 339

Chapter 339: Lotton’s Choice, the Seventh Member

The group of youths and teachers quickly arrived at Greywater Lake.

Greywater Lake was located in the central region of the Kingdom of Eiche on the edge of the Riverbend Plains. Beyond here were the Winterfell Plains and Icefrost Plateau which composed the northern region of the Kingdom of Eiche.

Bordering Greywater Lake was the Carlin Bay and the White Harbor Plains. Both of these territories were easily accessible and contained a large number of cities.

Meanwhile, between Greywater Lake and the Winterfell Plains was a vast expanse of barren wilderness. Due to the many nameless graves which were scattered through this rugged wilderness, it had been simply named the Land of Nameless Graves.

Not a single town existed in the marsh-ridden Greywater Lake and the Land of Nameless Graves. As a result, very few arcane masters or teams ever traversed through either area.

It was rumored that this was why the ruins of the Clockwork Corps had not been discovered until a few years prior.

“Ayrin! Rinloran! Look! Belo is eating...

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