Chapter 336: Heart of Fury, A Bestial Roar

Chapter 336: Heart of Fury, A Bestial Roar

Ayrin’s face was full of excitement as he quickly ran in front of Liszt and asked, “Teacher Liszt, what is a Heart of Fury?”

“The Heart of Fury… I think it is better for Moss to explain.” Liszt said as he turned and looked at Moss, whose head was still swollen. “Moss, why don’t you come and explain to everyone.”

An awkward look emerged on Moss’ face as he replied, “Teacher Liszt, I don’t know what it is.”

Liszt nearly tripped over his own feet as he responded, “Well then.”

He quickly regained his calm and then rubbed his chin as he began, “For even the heir of a household of giant bloodline wielders to not know… I guess it has just been too long since it has last appeared. The Heart of Fury, sometimes also called the Resilience Fruit, is a treasure which can greatly increase the physical toughness of an arcane master’s body. Prior to the Era of the War with Dragons, it was a treasure of the Giant Kingdom. Only the most powerful...

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