Chapter 334: Monster of Vengeance

Chapter 334: Monster of Vengeance

In another empty hut, Ciaran calmly looked at Rinloran and said, “Rinloran, it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to participate in this round of special training.”

“Decide? There is no need to decide,” Rinloran immediately replied. “Don’t you all wish for me to learn healing skills? Teacher Ciaran, you can just start teaching me.”

“You already knew?” Ciaran stiffened in surprise.

“Teacher Ciaran, although you have mastered powerful skills like Elemental Erosion, in the end, you are famous because of your skill as a medical master. So for you to be in charge of me this time, it must be for you to teach me healing skills.” Rinloran gazed out a nearby broken window as he continued, “My team already has Ayrin, an existence whose offensive can even threaten arcane masters who are higher leveled than him, Stingham, who is a sturdy meatshield, and Chris, who can release a devastating blow at a critical moment. Thus, it also makes sense for me, who has experienced Lunar Baptism and already has some healing ability, to continue down the path and learn healing skills.”

“Smart child.”


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