DIF Chapter 329: Ferguillo’s New Secret

Chapter 329: Ferguillo’s New Secret

“Is it just me, or is Ayrin training even harder than before? Just what did Charlotte say to him?”

“Just what motivation did Charlotte give Ayrin?”

“Could it be that he is planning to open his fourth arcane gate before we leave Fallen Shadow Valley?”

Wilde, Ivan, and some others conversed between themselves as they stood in the doorway of a larger building in Witch Hat Town.

As time passed, Fallen Shadow Valley had only become quieter. It had already been several days since the last enemy sighting in the area outside of the Abyss of Evil.

As most of the buildings within Witch Hat Town were rather spacious and sturdy, the teams stationed here had begun using them as areas to train.

At the current moment, the sounds of violent collisions and explosions continuously rang out from within the building which Wilde, Ivan, and the others were standing...

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