Chapter 327: An Unstable Belo

Chapter 327: An Unstable Belo

“He’s returned?”

“Must be. There’s no way he would die so easily.”

Ayrin’s loud shouts also attracted the attention of Morgan, Audrey, and everyone else as they quickly made their way over from the other side of Witch Hat Town.

“This guy?”

However, upon seeing Ayrin clearly for the first time, Morgan, Audrey, and the others stopped in their tracks.

How could this be?!

Ayrin was running normally atop the plain without any arcane skill, yet every single one of his steps seemingly contained an explosive strength!

They had all perceived the seemingly limitless strength contained within Ayrin’s movements before in the past, but never had it caused them to feel such pressure.

Just how did he manage to increase his strength so much in such a short period of time? Just what breakthroughs did he make in his trainings?

“Even Stingham and Rinloran…”

The look of shock on Morgan’s face became even greater as he watched Stingham and Rinloran easily following behind Ayrin.

“He’s managed to open his third arcane gate?”

“How can his physical strength have increased even further?!”

Ayrin’s appearance also incited cries of shock from Ivan’s group.

“He’s become even stronger than before?”

Charlotte’s eyes widened as she observed at the approaching Ayrin. As she did so, she could feel the fear within her heart slowly fade and become replaced with a...

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