Chapter 326: Lessons Learned and a Triumphant Return

Chapter 326: Lessons Learned and a Triumphant Return

An overbearing strength which couldn’t be resisted!

Ayrin’s gained an advantage through his usage of Domain of Silence to neutralize Presley’s Draconic Assimilation and proceeded to never look back as he threw out a flurry of attacks and overwhelmed Presley’s defences, ultimately knocking him out cold.

Although the students of Abel Academy had known that defeat was a definite possibility, they had never expected Presley to be defeated in such a straightforward manner. They had never expected him to pose no threat whatsoever towards Ayrin!

The battle had simply been too one sided!

Kelly felt his heart turn numb as he thought to himself, “This child’s strength has risen to such a degree!”

Although he had been constantly ridiculing and scolding Lotner, Presley, and the others, they were still...

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