Chapter 325: Determining Victory and Defeat

Chapter 325: Determining Victory and Defeat

“Sleeptalker Presley, one of the three celebrity fighters of Abel Academy,” Ayrin thought to himself upon seeing Presley step forward, his eyes immediately lighting up. “This time, there will be no tricks or artifacts, or any support from my teammates. A battle against such an opponent… it is the perfect opportunity for me to see just how far I’ve come!”

“What strong confidence… but you are only a first-year student of Holy Dawn Academy, and I… I am a third-year student of Abel Academy! Are you all not looking down on me a little too much?!” Presley thought to himself as he stepped towards the beckoning Ayrin. A tidal wave of emotions was currently crashing through his mind.

In the past, he had only relied on his natural abilities and the strong skills of Abel Academy, but now, he would have to rely on his own courage and will as well.

“The look in his eyes have changed!” Ayrin thought, his eyes becoming even brighter as he extended his arm towards Presley and shouted, “Come, brave warrior!”

“Watch out, I am about to start!” Presley replied before...

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