Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!

Chapter 324: Beckoning Under the Sun!

“What is this?” Ayrin exclaimed in surprise.

He also had no clue as to what this radiantly sparkling little crystal skull was.

“Starlord’s Lost Skull!” Kelly shouted as he stared at the skull in Ayrin’s hand.

“Starlord’s Lost Skull?”

Ayrin was still clueless. Moreover, he had expended almost all his arcane particles just now to use the Treasured Book of Sealing. There was nothing left in his tank for him to try and use the artifact in his hands.

“Don’t target him with any arcane skills!”

“Starlord’s Lost Skull is a reactive artifact. If it senses any arcane energy approach it, it will awaken and form a defensive layer of stardust around its wielder! Any skills you use against him right now will just be a waste of arcane particles!” Kelly continued, this time towards Lotner.

“If any skill comes my way, this thing will automatically defend against it?”

Ayrin was pleasantly surprised as he immediately began condensing arcane particles.

“How can he have an artifact like this?!”

“This fellow is too perverse. He is the one who took out the artifact to stall for time to replenish his arcane particles, yet he acts like he himself is the most surprised about it.”


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