Chapter 323: The Power of Wealth

Chapter 323: The Power of Wealth

“My girlfriend is nearby? There’s no one trying to steal her from me?”

Stingham gradually emerged from within his daze.

“It’s you losers? You wish to be beaten up again?” As Stingham finally comprehended Minlur’s words, he turned and looked towards the group from Abel Academy. He cackled as he shouted, “You masochists! You all have only just recovered from your injuries, yet you still dare to present yourselves before us once more? Are you not afraid of death?”

The faces of Lotner and the other students turned rather unsightly. But standing before Ayrin, Stingham, and Rinloran, they couldn’t help but remember their monstrous abilities. This, coupled with their feelings of guilt, kept them from replying.

“Idiot!” A single word softly escaped from Rinloran’s mouth.

“You don’t accept your defeat? So you wish to challenge us again?”

As Ayrin nonchalantly stretched out his waist at this moment, he let out a loud yelp.

He felt as if all his body’s muscles and bones had collapsed. The pain was rather unbearable.

But after this brief...

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