Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength

Chapter 322: Gambling Over Strength

“You all are certain that you encountered these three youths of Holy Dawn Academy around the Fourth Western District?”

Kelly, the elite teacher of Abel Academy versed in trickery, had a look of skepticism on his face as his gaze moved from the map in his hand to the two arcane masters before him.

Now that the dark purple smoke covering Fallen Shadow Valley had scattered, the valley was bathed in a warm sunlight. A mere two days had passed since the end of the battle, yet green grass and buds were already beginning to sprout atop the valley once more.

The Office of Special Affairs and Southam Demon Corps had moved extremely quickly during this time. The entire Fallen Shadow Valley and Forest of Evil around it had already been fully explored and mapped. Furthermore, outside of the Abyss of Evil, everything else had been clearly divided and organized into districts.

As a result, as long as one had one of the new maps, it was now very easy to find one’s way.

The two arcane...

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